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The Upper Buffalo Wilderness contains the highest part of the Ozark Mountains and the origins of three major rivers, the White, the Buffalo, and the Mulberry

March 1, 1972, on the 100th anniversary of the establishment by Congress of Yellowstone as the first National Park in the world, the Buffalo River was designated as the country's first National River thus being one of the few large rivers in America to escape being dammed and flooded. The entire length of the Buffalo -- about 150 miles -- is under the protection of either the National Park Service or the National Forest Service.

This protects archaeological sites and historic homesteads as well as the natural integrity and scenic beauty of the region.

The majority of Newton County is public property, owned by the National Park or National Forest Services, and within these protected areas.

The county boasts incredible cliffs and streams and undeveloped wilderness, and includes dozens of significant waterfalls which can be reached by developed hiking trails, including the tallest falls between the Appalachians and the Rockies.

Major wildlife includes large populations of deer and elk, as well as bears.

Our cabin is located on 25 acres of woods at the top of a ridge, and is adjacent to approximately 13,000 acres of preserved wilderness.

It is about a half hour hike to the Buffalo River. Getting supplies is less convenient, as the nearest town for groceries is 30 miles.

Our "yard" which was an impenetrable briar patch when we moved in, now hosts rock terraces planted with azaleas, rhododendrons, irises and lilies, ornamental grasses, and dogwoods, which also grow in abundance in the surrounding forest. We have a greenhouse on the roof with about 150 orchid plants blooming through the year, and there are at least 15 kinds of native orchids growing wild in within an hour's walk of the house.

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