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large yellow lady's-slipper
Cypripedium parviflorum var. pubescens
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cyp pair.jpg 81.79 K The lady's-slippers are probably the most widely known of our native orchids, as well as the most popular. And no wonder, they are large, showy and exotic! Of the four kinds of lady's-slippers recorded for Arkansas, I have only encountered one locally, but two others may turn up in Newton County with luck.
The large yellow lady's-slipper is the most common in the state, and is somewhat common in the lower forests in my area. The plants are fairly tall, with pretty pleated leaves, and the showy flowers are large, with a yellow pouch and yellow sepals and petals striped with brown. cyp.JPG 49.14 K
yellow cyp.jpg 27.44 K The species is variable in color and size, such as this one without any brown striping.
us cyp.gif 7.92 K This orchid is widely distributed in the United States. Loss of habitat and digging for gardens has made it a species of conservation concern in several states. ark cyp.gif 11.10 K