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downy rattlesnake orchid
Goodyera pubescens
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The foliage of the downy rattlesnake orchid, which is a very attractive dark velvety green with light green netting, is evergreen, and can be found easiest in the winter when it takes advantage of the deciduous hardwood forest to get its share of the sunlight.

The small white flowers of the downy rattlesnake orchid, borne in August, arranged in a tight spiral, are attractive, if inconspicuous.
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This orchid ranges through the eastern half of the United States, and may be quite common locally. It is listed as a species of conservation concern in one state.

In Arkansas it is found in the Ozarks and Ouachita Mountains.

In our area it may be found in wooded areas all the way from the top of the ridge to the bottomlands of the river.

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