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crane-fly orchid
Tipularia discolor
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This is one of several species of orchids which are most visible in winter. Its leaves appear late in the year and remain green throughout the winter, while trees are bare and the light is better. Its attractive foliage is a vivid purple on the underside, and it has purple spots on the top, making it easily recognized.
The flowers are tiny, reddish, lopsided, and fancied to resemble crane flies clustered on the stalk tipularflower.jpg 23.57 K tipula2.gif 19.04 K
us tipularia.gif 7.57 K This orchid ranges from Michigan to Massachusetts and south to Texas and Florida. It appears on the species of conservation concern in several states.

In Arkansas it is found scattered mostly in the central and southern counties. In this area it has been found in the woods next to the river.
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